InterConsult Belize Limited


As a licensed Trust Corporation, International Financial Service Provider and a Shipping Agent Provider,Interconsult (Belize) Limited prides itself in providing fast efficient services in the following:

  • Formation and management of International Business Companies:

We pride our self in offering the below services;

  • Incorporation of International Business Companies
    • With standard Authorize Capital of Us$50,000 or less
    • With Authorize Capital over Us$50,000
    • With no Par Value
    • Purchase of Shelf Companies

In addition we provide other services related to Incorporation of IBC’s:

  • Nominees Directors, Corporate /Individuals
  • Execute of Documents in Nominees Capacity
  • Issue Power of Attorney
  • Issue Resolution
  • Issue Share Certificate
  • Obtain Certificate of Good Standing
  • Obtain Certificate of Incumbency
  • Obtain Tax Exemption
  • Conduct search at IBC Registry
  • Continuation of an International  Business Company from other Jurisdiction
  • Obtain Notarization of Corporate Documents
  • Obtain Apostil
  • Certification of Corporate Documents
  • Change Company Name
  • Change Registered Agent/Office
  • Provide Liquidation Services
  • Obtain Corporate Stamp or Corporate Seal
  • Mail forwarding

Interconsult Belize Limited is duly licensed to engage in the formation of international Business Companies. As such we are here primarily to offer different packages to individuals, as well as corporate throughout the globe.  These packages included formation and administration of Companies at authorized capital of us $ 50,000 or less, authorized capital over us $50,000 and authorized capital with no par value.   We also provide services with benefits such as assets protection, increased privacy, tax savings and confidentiality been our utmost goal.

In addition we provide other services upon request in relation to Incorporation of Ibc’s that is Nominees Directors and Share Holders Services, Account and Financial Management, Share Ownership in other Companies and Courier Services.

With all said, Interconsult Belize Limited courteous staff stands ready to represent you here in Belize.

  • Formation and Management of Trusts:

A Belize Trust, like any other Ibc’s, is an ideal tax planning vehicle which can be used for a wide range of commercial activities such as asset protection, estate planning, investments holding and financial Activities. The Trusts (Amendment) Act 2007 require compulsory registration of Belize international trusts within 90 days of the date of creation of the trust. A variation of trust are available, We therefore pride our selves in aiding you in making the right choice in selecting the most convenient trust for you personal needs.  We specialize in, but not limited to, in assisting you in all aspect of trust, Formation and Administration including advice on trust structure, Drafting of Trusts Deed, Providing the adequate Governing Law and provide a reliable Trust Agency.

Other Services Available upon requested are, Provision of qualified trustees management and Accounting Services just to name a few.

Interconsult Belize Limited maintains the most up to date technological advancements in order to provide fast, reliable and secure service to you.  Confidentiality is our priority.

Trust Deed: This legal entity is permitted by law to hold title to assets and property, and manage the assets in accordance with the trust deed in order to provide a series of benefits and distributions to a person or group of persons designated as the beneficiaries.

  • Provision of Trustees Services

Interconsult Belize Limited offers Trustees Services through its licensed Company “Belize Trustees Limited”.  We carry on work providing trustee services to any persons, natural or legal including foreign trust, and the provision to all such persons of all services, assistance and facilities necessary and or which from time to time shall be considered necessary and will be agreed upon between the company and these persons.

We also carry on the administration of the assets according to the trust Deed, capital and other investments of the company, keeping of the shareholders’ register and all the administrative duties and obligation of the company.  Further more we can also participate in any entity as holding company or as simple shareholder, member or partner or associates or offer the services as Director. In Addition we carry on business of the secretary, director, attorney, managing director and also undertake and hold shares in companies or in any other legal individuals as nominees share holders.

  • Formation of  International Foundation, including Local Foundation Council Member, and filling and Registration at the Registry:

Foundation is a legally entity in its own rights and unlike trustees (who are answerable to Beneficiaries), Foundation Council Members are answerable to the foundation.  The act applies only to non-residents of Belize.  As a duly licensed to form International Foundation, Interconsult Belize Limited With the new Foundation Act, provision have been made to facilitate and enhance efficient but discrete registration, renewal, striking off, restoration dissolution, continuance and discontinuance of Foundation under the laws of Belize.

With that said, Interconsult Belize Limited in addition aims to offer its clients a full service in International foundation.  We can assist in the formation and Registration of a foundation including Foundation Charter (which is the governing documents for a foundation), Local Foundation Council Member and the filling at the Registry.  We also provide Registered Agent Services as the laws stipulate that each Foundation must have a licensed Registered Agent at all times. We will deliver a high quality of services to you and guarantee of confidentially when incorporating you foundation in Belize.

It is hoped that a Foundation established under Belize Law will prove to be an ideal vehicle for asset protection purpose and will find favour with investors from both the common law and civil law countries.

  • Shipping Registration Services governed under the laws of Belize:

Interconsult Belize Limited is an authorized Shipping Agent approved by the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) to register yachts and merchants ships under the Belize Flag. We stand ready to guide you in registering your pleasure or commercial ships.

We are ready to provide you with the following services: